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Are you happiest with the wind in your face? Do you love planning weekend rides? Or maybe you use your motorcycle to commute to work.

You want to be safe and look good while riding? This site is for you. If you wear flip-flops while going ninety mph on the interstate you may not find much to interest you here unless you're trying to change your ways! :-)

I have to assume that it's raining outside or you wouldn't be here, sitting in front of your computer!

If the weather is nice then I guess you are in a hurry to get back out there after you find the motorcycle accessories you're looking for. That's my goal, to help you find what you need and give you the information you need to help you make the best choice for you. If you are trying to find something specific, you can use the search box at the upper-right of any page.

Whether you're looking for a motorcycle helmet, motorcycle sunglasses or a new motorcycle jacket you can find advice here. You can ride responsibly by finding a great deal on motorcycle insurance. Learn more about this site here.

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Economic times are tough right now too for some of you, at least in the United States. I was told once that the power sports industry is recession proof, but I'm not so sure. I do know that a recession doesn't keep us from wanting to ride and be safe and look good at the same time, so I'll also offer money saving tips to help you get the most for your motorcycle accessories dollar. I don't pinch pennies just because the current economic conditions make it necessary, or even fashionable to do so. Oh no, just ask my wife. She'll complain about my budgeting and also tell you that I can dig out the deals.

Don't miss this tip

That brings me to what I believe is my most important tip. I'm not going to make you wait for it. This applies mostly to accessories for your motorcycle (not apparel for you) Here goes:

If you plan on accessorizing your bike, do so as soon as you can afford to after you purchase it. The best thing is to build in the cost of the accessories when you buy the bike. I'm talking about exhaust, new seat, handlebars, passenger floorboards or whatever is going to make this bike YOURS.

I once waited a couple of years before adding new exhaust and a Mustang seat to my bike (being my frugal self). Well, in another year or so I started getting the itch for a new bike, but I hesitated to do that because I had just invested in this one. See the dilema? Don't over-spend or use too much credit, but do customize your ride as soon as you can.

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Ok, now I'm going to get a little bit geeky for a biker, but RSS feeds have been around for a while so I suspect some of you riders have discovered their value. If you have an RSS reader you can subscribe to the WiseGuy RSS feed and automatically get the latest articles delivered to you that way. Learn more about RSS Feeds.

Well, it's time to hit the twisties. Check out these articles and learn how to Get The Most For Your Motorcycle Accessories Dollar!

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