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Welcome! And thanks for stopping by.

To get in the right mood, picture this . . . It's early on a GORGEOUS spring morning, and you've got the wind in your face on the way to meet a couple of your best riding buddies.

Probably at a local fast food joint if I know you! ;)

When you get there, several other guys (and gals) have decided to meet at the same spot and everybody decides to go the same way; so you now have a nice riding group to share the fresh clean air with and leave the workweek behind.

Of course you stop a couple of times during the day, and these stops can be some of the most valuable moments as a motorcyclist. . . . . .

Here is where you learn about some great roads you haven't tried out or great places to stop and eat on your next road trip.

You also learn more about motorcycle accessories from swapping stories your riding buddies than you'll ever learn from a magazine. Real, honest, informal information - the "read between the lines" information - from a buddy that saves you time and money and helps you make a better choice on your next purchase. AND, most importantly, you've made a new friend!

Those moments are what I hope to capture with Motorcycle-Accessories-WiseGuy.com.

As we go along, we'll pick up new riding buddies from all over the world who have new ideas and have tried brand new things in places we may never get to visit.

I'll make sure to pass those ideas along to you right here.

By the way, my name is Brett Weaver. I call myself the Motorcycle WiseGuy, but like everybody else, I don't know it all, and don't pretend to. Every time I ride I learn something new. As I compile these nuggets of motorcycle accessories wisdom, you can bet I'll pass them on to you.


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