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Looking for Cobra Motorcycle Accessories?

Here's a rundown of the most popular Cobra Motorcycle Accessories and the best places to buy online.

Back in 1996. . .sorry. ..WAY back in 1996. . . Kawasaki released the Vulcan 1500 Classic. Finally the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers started to "get it right". The choices for quality motorcycle chrome dress-up parts for Japanese cruisers were few and far between. One company was there from the start: Cobra USA.

For years Cobra has been known as the cutting edge metric cruiser customizer and parts supplier. Now Cobra has a division dedicated to the American brand, Harley-Davidson. Check out the CobraUSA-HD for more details.

Cobra Motorcycle Accessories have been a leader in motorcycle chrome ever since the early days. Their attention to detail and fit and finish still puts them at or near the top of the list even though the list of competitors has grown considerably over the years.

Cobra USA offers entire sets of coordinated parts that can transform your assembly line stocker into a showbike. They can also help if you just need a set of freeway bars or floorboards.

Here are a few of the more popular Cobra parts for your bike:

Cobra Sissy Bar
Cobra Sissy Bars are the essential Cobra motorcycle accessory. A sissy bar is functional for hanging T-Bags and providing support for your passenger as well as adding chrome to your ride. Add a Cobra Luggage Racks to keep your T-Bags off the rear fender.
Cobra Floorboards
Cobra Floorboards bring a BIG classic look to your cruiser for you AND your passenger. An added bonus: When the passenger boards are flipped up, you have a LOT of chrome exposed!
Cobra Freeway Bars
Cobra Freeway Bars offer much needed protection for you and your bike in case of a spill. But that's not the REAL reason to get a set of Cobra Freeway Bars, right? Besides adding some additional sparkle, you get a place to put your freeway pegs. You can also get engine guard chaps that offer wind and rain protection.
Cobra Steel Lightbar
Another bright idea (pun intended :) is the Cobra Steel Lightbar . Complete the FAT look and shine some light on the subject while you're at it!
Cobra License Plate Frames
An absolute necessity for a full custom project, the Cobra License Plate Frames also adds a huge impact to a high profile area on any mid-custom.
Cobra Slashcut Exhausts
Other than replacing the stock saddle, a new Cobra Exhaust will add more "pleasure for your buck" than any Motorcycle Accessory. You can definately Sound Off with a set of Cobra slashcuts! They also offer Cobra Hot Rod Tips for your Cobra Exhaust system to complete your bike's unique custom look.

If you have a Cobra project bike you'd like to show off to the rest of the world, send us a picture and we'll post it on the upcoming gallery page which will share ideas and tips to other readers who are building their own project bike. Contact me to get instructions for sending in your information.

More Resources:

  • My Favorite Cobra Motorcycle Accessories source always keeps a great selection. They also let you save your bike's profile and look up everyting they offer for your bike. Very personalized experience and VERY handy.
  • Now for my second pick for Cobra Accessories . This vendor has a great clearance section and you never know when Cobra accessories are going to show up here. Always worth a click.
  • If you like quick and easy navigation to the Cobra Motorcycle Accessories your looking for, check out my third pick for Cobra parts .

All of these resources are reliable in my experience, so I don't hesitate to recommend them.

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