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Custom Motorcycle helmets

by tigerpause
(Honolulu, HI USA)

Optimus Prime Motorcycle Helmet

Optimus Prime Motorcycle Helmet

from reader "tigerpause":

I started designing helmets in 2000. I've got 9 designs on youtube.. I've designed more in the past but did not record them on video.

anyhow.. come check them out..


Note: before submitting a comment, please note that the custom motorcycle helmet builder is not affiliated with this site and I currently have no source for this custom helmet. The best way to find more info is through the YouTube channel linked to above. Thanks for visiting!

Comments for Custom Motorcycle helmets

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How to
by: Daniel castaneda

Do you have a how to video?

Daniel, that is a good question. I am not aware of a how-to video for making these helmets, but it sounds like a good opportunity for someone given the interest in this topic. If I find one I will post it here. Thanks for visiting. -WiseGuy

Helmets not for sale
by: Jeff

The reason that these helmets are not for sale, is that once they are modified, they lose their DOT approved rating, and if someone where to sell one, and the purchaser of the helmet got in an accident and was injured, the helmet could be liable for civil or criminal penalties. I believe there are 2 states in the US as well as many places in the world in which there are no helmet laws, but the best thing to do is to watch the videos and then try to create your own helmet. I own a Yamaha Thundercat and really want to make a Thundercats helmet :) but when asking around at shops, I was informed that even just a simple paint job on a helmet will make it lose its DOT approval rating, and that is why no one will sell them.

Nice helmet
by: Anonymous

I would like to know how much & where can I purchase? Very interested, contact me at bigblue07109@yahoo.com.

i want one
by: lee

i would also like a helmet contact me plasticforks06 [at] yahoo.com

How Much?
by: francis

I'm from the philippines.. may i know how much is this?

My email add is [address removed for privacy].

A: Sorry, i do not sell these helmets, but there is a link in the comments to the guy who does. You can contact him for more info. Thanks for visiting!

by: Kyle

You should make a batman helmet. It would be a really good design. and i'm just wondering why don't you sell the custom helmets??

by: Anonymous

hey bro how much u sell ur customized helmet

A: Sorry, I do not sell these helmets, but there is a link in the comments to the guy who does.

I want to buy one
by: Jorge

Q: Hey i was wondering if you sold those helmets.

A: Sorry, I do not sell these helmets, but there is a link in the comments to the guy who does.

awesome helmet designs
by: Anonymous

hey I was wondering if u could make a durarara motorcycle helmet for me


TigerPause Custom Helmets
by: Brett

Hey guys, this site doesn't sell or represent these custom helmets. You can contact the artist on YouTube at http://bweave.me/izdHhj . Thanks for reading Motorcycle-Accessories-Wiseguy.com!
Brett -Webmaster

optimus prime
by: Anonymous

Do you sell these helmets and if so how much are they? Reply to cowboyzfan2192@yahoo.com

I want one
by: Anonymous

Ohh I want one plese contact me at rhino_busa@yahoo.com

Where can I get one of your helmets?
by: Anonymous

I realy want to get one of these helmets. Please contact me to tell me if you sell. thanks


what type of helmet was used
by: Anonymous

just wanted to know what type of helmet did you use for the gucci and louise vuitton email sab112782@yahoo.com

re: optimus helmet
by: intro

i want to buy 1!!!!!!!!

tigerpause helmets
by: Brett

I checked out tigerpause's YouTube channel. Apparently this is just a hobby. Under his profile about-me info it says "sorry, helmets are not for sale.." May be a good opportunity for someone! Thanks for the comments everyone!

optimus helmet
by: Anonymous

I want this one for my hubby do you sell them ????

Hey I love your helmets
by: Anonymous

HOW CAN I GET ONE OF YOUR HELMETS? mjeromemorris [at] yahoo.com

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