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The Honda Motor Company was started in 1948 by Soichiro Honda. Together with partner and financial wiz Takeo Fujisawa, they built an empire. Honda has long lead the way in technical innovations in motorcycling and has brought us many memorable models over the years. Until the recent upsurge in popularity in Harley Davidsons, Honda sold more motorcycles than anyone. With that popularity comes a wonderful supply of Honda Motorcycle Accessories .

Here's a quick rundown of the History of Honda Motorcycles and some landmark models with links to some great sources of Parts and Accessories for Honda Motorcycles .

At first the small motorycles that Mr. Honda produced got little attention from the rest of the world, because "real bikes" displaced 500cc or so.

By 1965 the CB450 was out and the world had to take note that Honda was a serious player in the motorcycle market. It was 1969 though, when Honda took the motorcycle world by storm with the CB750K0.

The CB750 had high performance and the ability to carry two people and luggage for long distances. The Honda Four with its flashy four exhaust pipe arrangement sent American motorcycle buyers scrambling to their dealerships. Competing companies did not yet have the process methods to assemble four-cylinder machines in production. The CB750 definately got the respect of the American public.

My Honda CB750 Experience

CB750 Nighthawk

The CB750 got my respect in 1993 when I bought my first street bike, a 1992 CB750 Nighthawk in black. I loved it and my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) even liked the passenger accomodations.

The modern inline four engine was so smooth that she even went to sleep one time on a long stretch of straight road! I called it the "Swiss Army Knife" of motorcycles, because it's got a little something for just about everyone.

The riding position is upright enough to be comfortable on long trips, the handling is good enough to make even Deal's Gap and the Blue Ridge Parkway a blast, and it even has chrome pipes to keep the eye busy. Can you tell I miss my CB?

Stepping forward in time, but back in displacement brings us to my first motorcycle, the 1975 XR75. The XR75 actually debuted in 1973 and was the first sub 100cc bike designed specifically for the trail or track. (Other than a mini bike). There weren't many Honda motorcycle accessories for my little XR bike , but I sure did enjoy riding through the nearby fields and woods back then!

Back on the street, Honda released the GL1000 Goldwing in 1974. Talk about a milestone! The Goldwing series has been the premier touring motorcycle ever since. Heck, it actually created the modern age of motorcycle touring! The GL series is now up to 1800cc and is one of the biggest production engines on a motorcycle. Countless Honda motorcycle accessories exist for the Goldwing.

On a sportier note, the 1983 Interceptor introduced a fast, agile, comfortable and balanced line of sportbikes with tremendous performance and steet civility. Today, bikes like the CBR series push the envelope of power to weight ratio with space age aluminum frames and fuel injected engines.

Honda was also quick to market with purpose built cruisers. First with the VT750C (Shadow 750), then with the Shadow 500. Those models lead to the biggest Japanese cruiser ever at that time - the VT1100C Shadow 1100. This impressive big-inch custom continued the formula established by the first Shadows and put Honda solidly in yet another motorcycle niche market, cruisers! Here's what Cycle Magazine had to say about the Shadow:

"America, this is the motorcycle you have wanted. ... The Shadow is the most important Japanese motorcycle of the year—in the United States. ... By virtue of the VT's many attractions as a full-blown cruiser, Honda didn't need a crystal ball to predict the future success of the 1100 Shadow, and we don't either."—Cycle (June, 1985)
Honda VTX 1800

Today, Honda continues to lead the field with models like the VTX 1800 and the Valkyrie (unfortuanetly discontinued) and Rune.

If you ride a Honda and you'd like to show off your accessories or have a Honda motorcycle accessories tip you'd like to share, let me know. We'll include the best tips and pictures on the upcoming gallery page.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about your favorite motorcycle brand and found some great honda motorcycle accessories!


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