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My eBay motorcycle accessories auctions focus mainly on helmets and helmet accessories, but I am currently clearing out a variety of gear.

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Please bear with me while I share a part of my eBay history with you. . .

I've enjoyed having an ebay accessories business for almost five years now.  At times I enjoy it more than others.  The best way to learn things is by doing.  What I've learned from being both a webmaster and an eBay seller, is that I'd rather just stick to being a webmaster.

As you may or may not know, major motorcycle accessories distributors won't do business with you unless you have a "real" brick-n-mortar store.  It's just the way of the industry.  So I tried my hand at offline retail too.

The other thing I learned was that I liked being a retail store proprietor a lot less than being an eBay seller.  I love my customers (most anyway ;), but I am just not suited to that line of work.  Besides, you can NEVER ride when you have a motorcycle accessories store.  You have to be open when everybody else is riding, right?

So here I was riding less and less and writing motorcycle accessories articles even less than that.  I decided enough was enough.  So I closed the offline store and continued on with my day J.O.B.

While I had the store open, I did well enough to accumulate a fair amount of inventory. That's the stuff I have listed in My eBay Store right now, most of it at significant discounts.  Here's a look at what I currently have listed:

Even though I'm winding down my ebay motorcycle accessories business, I'm not compromising on service. As you can tell by my eBay feedback, my past customers have been pleased with my service.

What you see above is not all I have.  I'm working through it slowly.  Here's an idea of the ebay motorcycle accessories that I have left:

  • M2R Street Helmets
  • M2R Dirt Helmets
  • HJC Street Helmets
  • M2R Factory Blems (open face model 225's mostly)
  • Skid Lids
  • M2R MR-11 Helmet shields
  • KBC Helmet Shields
  • HJC Helmet Shields
  • Shoei Helmet Shields
  • Teknic Rain Suits
  • Teknic Lightning Sportbike Gloves
  • Fox Racing Pants and Shirts ('05 styles)
  • Fox Racing Boots
  • EVS Race Collars (adult and youth)
  • Number stickers
  • M2R Riding apparel (MX Tech line)
  • Spark plugs (mostly for offroad applications)
  • K&N Oil Filters (Various)
  • Teknic Spider Jackets
  • Teknic Magnum Jackets
  • Teknic Cruiser Gloves
  • Large assortment of Do-Rags
  • Scorpion Exhausts
  • Brake Pads (mostrly offroad applications)
  • Dow bike covers
  • Dunlop tires

That's not an exhaustive list of my eBay Motorcycle Accessories, but covers the major categories.  If you're interested in anything on the list that you don't see on eBay, just contact me and I will give you more details.   Make sure to mention the item your interested in in the message.

eBay requires all bidders to be registered. (It's Free) So if you're not a registered eBay user, Click Here to get started . After you've registered, remember to come back here and start browsing or go to My eBay Store

eBay stores logoHave fun bidding and check back often for the latest deals!

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