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My Shoei GT-Air Journey Helmet

In my experience in my Shoei GT-Air is awesome. It has a cool design I have a black/red combination and I loved it. I have it since 3months. What I love

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Name: The Best chrome Location: San Martin, California The Best Chrome re-chromes your parts and if they have the same part in stock that can swap if

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Custom Motorcycle helmets

from reader tigerpause: I started designing helmets in 2000. I've got 9 designs on youtube.. I've designed more in the past but did not record them on

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Sport Chrome in California

I've used Sport Chrome for almost ten years. No one chrome plates like they do. I have a new project I plan to start this winter with them.

Continue reading "Sport Chrome in California"

Wear Gears For Safety Not For Fashion

I think the best helmet that I have used in my entire life as a rider are the helmets from Jafrum. At first, I was hesitant to buy their full face helmets

Continue reading "Wear Gears For Safety Not For Fashion"

Reevu Msx1 (Rear View Mirror Helmet)

Just bought a graphic lid with tinted visor from ebay off rj.performbikes. I was a bit dubious at first but when i tried it on i was shocked. If you leave

Continue reading "Reevu Msx1 (Rear View Mirror Helmet)"

lakeside custom plating

They don't take money until parts are finished. Usually a 4 to 5 week turn around. Located in Conneaut Ohio. These guys do a great job on motorcycle

Continue reading "lakeside custom plating"

J&P Cycles President on what really matters in life

J&P Cycles President John Parham, writes a reflective and heart tugging post about what really matters in life. John has been dealt a difficult hand the last few years, being diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2007. This is worth a few minutes to read.

J&P Cycles is one if the worlds largest aftermarket Harley Davidson and metric cruiser accessories retailers.

Continue reading "J&P Cycles President on what really matters in life"

Lakeside Custom Plating

Lakeside custom plating in Conneaut Ohio did my chrome. They are amazing! They have options which I did not know of until going to them. They could

Continue reading "Lakeside Custom Plating"

Masei Flip-Up Skull Unique Motorcycle Helmet

This is a cool flip-up helmet. i got it only for US$90! The quality is ok. You get what you pay for.

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