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When you're riding a motorcycle, your feet are in the danger zone. They are closest to the road (or track), and closest to the hot parts of the bike. When it's time to stop, your boots must make good contact with the road or your bike will end up horizontal.

That makes your boots one of the most important motorcycle accessories. They can also be one of the most expensive. There are tradeoffs when picking a motorcycle boot just like other motorcycle accessories, so read on and you'll have the info you need to get the most for your money.

I know, you'd rather be riding than reading this article. That's why I've organized the information based on different riding styles. You can use the HOP-Links above to jump straight to the section that is geared to the way YOU ride.


Ok, let's get technical. A racer's feet are probably busier than any other type of rider. They are:

  • Braking
  • Shifting Gears
  • Shifting Weight
  • Dragging the pavement

. . . constantly! This makes it very challenging for the boot manufacturers. Their task is to create a motorcycle boot that is resistant to crush and impact damage while giving you the maximum flexibility and movement on the foot pegs.

Don't forget ventilation and comfort while off the bike.

Any motorcycle boot needs to be comfortable off the bike or you will have a tendency to leave them behind for last year's sneakers. For pure racing though, off bike comfort is less of a concern.

Examples of SportBike Boots

The Sidi Vertigo Corsa Air Boots is a good example of a highly technical racing boot. You have extrememe toe and heel protection along with breatheable interior. It has the right amount of flexibility so your feet can get the job done. They're pricey though at $425 USD.

Sidi Vertigo Corsa Air Boots
Sidi Vertigo Corsa Air Boots

For a more basic sportbike boot, try on a pair of Joe Rocket Sonic Boots at about $140 USD. All the features you need PLUS they are 100% waterproof!

Joe Rocket Sonic Boot
Joe Rocket Sonic Boot

Look for boots that offer replaceable parts like toe sliders. If you frequently touch down in the twisties, this tip may keep you from buying a whole new pair of boots too soon.

Touring and Commuting

Even though you may spend a lot of time on your bike between stops, off-bike comfort is a must when considering a motorcycle boot for touring and/or commuting.

The next must-have in my book is waterproof. You can get around spending the extra bucks on a built in Gore-Tex membrane by getting a pair of gaiters or a pair of Gore-Tex oversocks.

Examples of Touring and Commuting Motorcycle Boots

Touring boots can get technical too. Sidi also makes a boot specifically targeted toward you the touring rider. The example I've shown here is the Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots . They maintain all-day comfort and waterproof characteristics without using an inner liner. This makes for better feel while shifting and cooler feet on warm days.

Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots
Sidi Canyon Gore-Tex Boots

Speaking of all-day comfort, boots with a short-cut top are easier to find all the time. If you combine comfort with waterproofing you get the Tour Master Response SC Road Boots shown here. They are very affordable.

As you can see it's got that leather and elastic stretch panel that covers the laces. A good idea I thought. If you're in a really heavy rain though, the short-cut top is going to be more likely to let in water.

Tour Master Response SC Road Boots
TourMaster Response SC Road Boots

Don't forget to check out the sole when choosing a touring boot. A heavy touring bike makes getting a good grip on the pavement a must. Even more so with a passenger.

Cruisers and Customs

In the past, you may have seen most cruisers wearing a pair of cowboy or combat type or work boots. While not a terrible choice, there are boots made just for cruisers these days.

Most notable of the cruiser boots are the Harley Men's 'Stratus' Biker Harness Motorcycle Boots (of course). These don't stray too far from black, but sometimes you'll find a pair that will appeal to your wilder side.

Harley Men's 'Stratus' Biker Harness Motorcycle Boots
Harley Stratus Harness Boots

Yeah, sure you need to get a comfortable pair of boots for cruising with a sole that grips the pavement well, but above all just make sure your next pair of motorcycle boots match not just your *real* personality, but the image you want to portray while you're riding.

Riding a cruiser or custom bike is an escape. At least for me it satisfies that side of me that wants to have an adventure. Motorcycling does well for that. When you have a pair of boots that help you fit that picture in your mind it's all the more fun.

Dirt Bikes

Here's another example of a highly technical motorcycle boot made for racing. Motocross boots are about as purpose-built as it gets.

The uppers are set at an angle for riding position, so you'll look a bit funny walking around in them. Although these are available in basic black, many colors are available to match your riding suit and/or bike. Of course the whole outfit stays covered in mud most of the time, so the color coordination won't last long!

Examples of Dirt Bike Boots

The MSR Racing MXT Boots is a good example of just what you need for offroad riding without breaking the bank. This all leather example will set you back less than $150 at most dealers. You get the usual highly durable aluminum cam buckles and suede panels to shield your calf from hot exhaust pipes.

MSR Racing MXT Boots
MSR Racing MXT Boots

Check out the pair of dirt bike boots that you have your eye on carefully and make sure they have plenty of shin and toe protection with good padding. The dirt track racer's feet take some incredible forces especially through ripples and jumps.

If you're a serious racer, this is definitely not the place to pinch your pennies.

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